Welcome to my website!

Matty F here. Musician, ordained minister, assistant webmaster, and general freelancer. I am most well known for my recent three-year stint as a professional NYC subway performer. That’s how I got my moniker, Matty F.

I’m currently working on a musical project that I cannot disclose any info about yet due to certain things that remain up in the air. I’m also doing technical side work, and performing wedding ceremonies in a variety of styles just about anywhere and any time as long as the paperwork is in order.  I “may” be doing some busking in the near future but not unless it becomes necessary (one of my other ventures is a little slow right now).

If you would like me to officiate your marriage, please visit www.reverendmattyf.org for more information on how this is done. If you would like to send a singing telegram (birthday, anniversary, new baby, etc.) in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Nassau, or Suffolk, then please feel free to email me at mattyf@mattyf.com.